Frequently Asked Questions

The following items have been prepared to be your Roadmap on our site. 


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What Should I Consider When Choosing a Plan?

Gender, age, current weight, metabolic status, chronic illness, physical activity scores, etc. parameters are important and vary from person to person in reaching the targeted ideal weight. That's why everyone's time to reach their ideal weight is different from each other. In addition, according to the experiences we have gained from our clients, if a healthy eating habit is not gained after reaching the targeted weight, the lost weight is regained in a very short time, even more. For this reason, our recommendation for you to make healthy eating a habit is 3 months option.

How to Register?

To get started, you must solve the test prepared by our experts from the "Sign Up!" option. Then, in line with the information you provide after the Test Stages, your Nutrition Habits and body profile will be created and our Dietitian Team will prepare the most suitable diet for you; Your Diet Profile Page will be created.

I Forgot My User Password, What Should I Do?

You will be able to create a New Password with the link code that we will send to your e-mail address by clicking the Forgot Password option on the Login Page.

How Do I Update My Information?

We will take your information into account when creating your registration. With the updating of the information, your Diet Plan should also be updated. For this reason, you can update your Personal Information - Login Data - Form Information and much more that you created during registration on your Profile page, in order to both maintain your motivation and update your Diet List.  

When Will My Diet List Reach Me?

Right after the registration, our dietitian team will send your diet list by e-mail and also direct you to your Profile Page. You can reach much more with your Diet List on your profile page. If you cannot see it in your e-mail address; check your spam folder. If you think your list has not reached you, you can contact us via "Contact Page" tab.

I Want My "Assay Results" in My Profile, What Should I Do?

Diet Lists prepared specially for you by our expert dietitian staff (except for allergies and intolerances) consist of healthy food groups with a personalized calorie balance that can generally be used in all ailments. You can optionally enter your Analysis information on your Profile Page so that we can analyze you better and benefit from this information while creating your List. Dietprof definitely recommends consulting a doctor in case of chronic illness.

What is Meal Time Reminder, How Is It Used?

We will remind you of your Meal Times on time, according to the hours you specify while registering, in order to keep your motivation and stick to your diet list. If your meal times have changed, you can change your meal times in the "Diet Settings" section of the "Profile" page.

What Awaits Me On My "Profile"

We are the only institution with a "Nutrition Profile System" that meets the changing and developing needs in nutrition. On your Profile Page, you will be able to use your Weight-Ideal Weight-Daily Water Needs and Special Physical Activity Suggestions-Nutrition Suggestions-Motivational Quotes and Diet Plan; In the Analysis section, you will be able to use detailed information from your Basal Metabolism value to your Height-Weight change graph, Personal Information, Login Information and the Form Information you entered at the beginning, as well as your optional Test Information and many more features that we cannot count so that our Expert Dietician staff can assign you a More Special Plan.

What is Meal Change, How is it Used?

You will have the opportunity to instantly change the meals in your diet list that you do not like, consume or have allergies to, with a meal in the category you want, with "ONE CLICK". All you have to do is to change the meal of the day by clicking the "Change" icon on your Profile Page.

Will I Lose My Diet Plan After 30 Days?

Of course no!!! Since your current information (weight, body measurements, etc.) has changed when the new period is entered, the new 30-day meal program will be defined in your account. In addition, you will be able to use it for a lifetime, as your past period list is also sent to you via e-mail.

I have an allergy to a food on my list, what should I do?

You can actively change the meal of the food you are allergic to in your Diet List with a single click from the "Meal Change" button. In addition, if you have any medical restrictions or allergies to the foods on your Diet List, please "Contact Us". 

What awaits me on 'Dietprof'?

After we have completed the test prepared by our experts on Dietprof and registered, you will have the "Diet Profile System", which is the only one in the world, where you can find all the information on healthy nutrition together. In addition, your Diet List will be sent to you, your every meal will be reminded on time for your nutrition motivation, and you will be able to actively use many features that we have not counted yet!!!

What are the Payment Methods and Are They Reliable?

Our institution should agree with the leading virtual pos companies of USA and the world. Your security is very important to us. For this reason, with the "Secure payment method", we or third parties cannot see or use your card information and passwords in any way. You can make your payments with all supported Credit-Debit Cards in the world or by Money Transfer Method.

How Will You Bill Me?

Your invoice will be sent to your e-mail address within 7 days at the latest after purchasing the Plan. In your subscription status, your invoice will be notified by e-mail within 7 days after each period. If you have not received your Invoice after this period has passed, please contact us via our "Contact Page" and [email protected].

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Your subscription is automatically renewed at the end of each term until you cancel it. However, we want to assure you that managing your subscription is hassle-free. If you decide to make changes, you can easily cancel your subscription through the on your Profile Page, by clicking on the "Cancel Subscription" button located on the "Services" page. We believe in providing you with convenience and control over your subscription, ensuring that your experience with us remains seamless.

I want to meet with you institutionally

You can send us your corporate offers or opinions by contacting us at [email protected].

What is "Dietprof"?

Diet Prof is an Online Diet Platform that combines the expertise of our professionals with Cutting-Edge Technology to guide you towards your desired weight and a healthy lifestyle. Our platform utilizes the data you provide through a meticulously designed test, enabling our team of Expert Dietitians to tailor a program that suits your individual needs. With a global outlook and a commitment to your well-being, we are here to help you achieve your ideal weight and embrace a healthier life.

Can I Really Lose Weight With Dietprof?

Of course you can!!! We fully believe that our system will be very beneficial for you and that you will reach your target weight and firmness in the month you target. We have served thousands of users in our past experience. By reading our happy user reviews, you can see those who lost weight with Dietprof and be inspired by their success. For more detailed information, you can "contact us".

Who Is In The Dietprof ''Team''?

Our team includes Expert Dietitian-Technical Personnel-Software-Editor staff and provides services to our valuable clients, who are our users, in coordination with each other. Our dietitian team will help you with your nutritional problems and our technical staff will help you with technical issues.

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