Learn Your Body Analysis Values

Find out your body analysis values instantly by solving the test.

Have a Diet Profile System

Have a Profile System that will meet your every need for a perfect diet process.

Track Your Body Change

Follow the changes in all your values in your profile under the control of our expert dietitians.

Reach Your Goal

Unlike the diets you start and stop, reach your goal by keeping your motivation thanks to the system we have prepared for you.


Are you ready for a change with the Diet Profile System, which is a first in the world?
Let's put aside the postponed diet programs while struggling with the hectic pace of life.
Achieve success without losing your motivation, with the support of our diet system that you can access anywhere thanks to your profile, which you can log in with one click, and our expert dietitian staff.
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What We Offer You

Personalised Test

You can make your body analysis with the test created by our experts to recognise your metabolism and you can have a diet list and much more prepared specifically for you by our dietician staff.

Diet Profile System

In your profile; A system where you can track your diet program, meal change opportunity, meal reminder, body change and analysis values specially prepared for you is waiting for you.

Meal Replacement Option

Do the foods on your diet list not fit your current circumstances? With your Meal Change System, you can change the dishes on your list with one click and adapt them to your eating habits.

Body Analysis Values

You will be able to see your height-weight changes, body measurement values, analysis information and exercise recommendations on your profile and update your information.

Google Meal Integration

Even if you forget, Diet Prof reminds you! We offer a system that will remind you of the meal times you have chosen while creating your profile, with the "Google Calendar Integration".

Expert Dietitian Support

For the satisfaction of our users and their successful results, you will be able to communicate with our expert dietician staff working 24/7 on the back side via live support.

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