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By using this web page of DIET PROF LTD, you become a party to the DIET PROF Web Site Usage Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"). At 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ, UNITED KINGDOM address is the official address of Diet Prof Ltd(hereinafter referred to as "DIET PROF",’’Us’’, ‘’We’’, ’’Our’’ ). By using the website of DIET PROF, you are deemed to have accepted that you have the right, authority and legal capacity to sign the Contract according to the laws you are bound to, and that you are over the age of 18 (eighteen), that you have read and understood this Agreement.

This Agreement imposes the rights and obligations on the website subject to the Agreement to the Parties and when the Parties accept this Agreement, they accept, declare and undertake that they will fulfill the mentioned rights and obligations in full, correct, timely manner, within the conditions demanded in the Agreement.

In this Agreement, the party using the web page, other than DIET PROF, will be referred to as the ( "The User", "User" or ‘’You’’).

DIET PROF and the User together ("Parties") will be referred to.




1.1. All usage and management authority on this web page belongs to DIET PROF.

1.2. DIET PROF reserves the right to change any conditions and information available on the web page and web page extensions, including the terms of the Agreement, without any prior notice.

1.3. DIET PROF accepts and undertakes that the member will benefit from the services subject to the Contract except for technical malfunctions.

1.4. The user agrees in advance that he will not reverse engineer the use of the web page or take any other action to find or obtain their source code, otherwise he will be liable for damages incurred by third parties, and that legal and criminal action will be taken.

1.5. The user, in his activities within the web page, in any part of the web page or in his communications, is against the general morality and the law, violating the rights of third parties, misleading, offensive, obscene, pornographic, damaging the personality rights, violating the copyrights, promoting illegal activities It accepts, declares and undertakes that it will not produce or share content. Otherwise, the user is entirely responsible for all damages that may occur, and in this case, DIET PROF officials reserve the right to suspend, terminate such accounts, and to initiate legal proceedings. For this reason, if a request for information about the activity or User accounts is received from the judicial authorities, DIET PROF reserves the right to share this request.

1.6. DIET PROF members are responsible for their relations with each other or with third parties.




2.1. The data regarding the registration process consists of text, photographs, graphics (etc.) data that you enter on the website of DIET PROF during registration. You are responsible for your information, our website plays a role in the online distribution of the information. If it is believed that it causes any harm or burden to DIET PROF or other users, the User may remove your information completely or partially from the publication. Your information left on the web page may be partially or completely made available to other users.

2.2. The user agrees that he or she is 18 years old or over, or if he is under the age of 18, he must use the website under the supervision of his parents or guardians. Since users under the age of 18 are underage, all agreements, policies and terms on the dietprof.com site are deemed to have been read and approved by their legal guardians.

2.3. Registration Conditions: By registering with DIET PROF, you accept, declare and undertake that you will provide accurate, precise and up-to-date information about yourself and your company. In addition, you accept, declare and undertake that you will keep your member information accurate and up to date. If DIET PROF / dietprof.com detects that your information is incomplete / incorrect, it has the right to delete your registration. If you are a member representing a company / institution, this text also binds the company / institution you represent.

2.4. User;

Information in DIET PROF,

Products promoted in various parts of the website,

The messages it broadcasts,

Information on the web page it is not fake, stolen and will not be duplicated in any way,

No rights of registration, bidding, etc. rights of the website or a third party will be violated,

It will not act against the law (consumer protection, unfair competition law, etc.),

Not to post content related to pornography or nudity,

Not to use a Programming feature that will harm any virus or any program,

It will not send unsolicited (spam) mails to web page members,

Accepts, declares and undertakes.


2.5. The user must provide correct, complete and up-to-date registration information to DIET PROF. Otherwise, this Agreement will be deemed to have been violated and the account may be closed without informing the User. The user is responsible for the password and account security on DIET PROF and third party web pages. Otherwise, DIET PROF cannot be held responsible for data loss and security breaches or damage to hardware and devices.

2.6. The user accepts that he / she chooses the service he / she has chosen with his / her own free will and cannot hold DIET PROF responsible for the misuse of personal information shared on the website by the dietician.

2.7. The user cannot hold DIET PROF responsible for any financial damages and health problems that he/she may be exposed to due to the foods, health products and exercise and motivation recommendations he/she takes in line with DIET PROF recommendations.

2.8. The User declares that all the information he/she saves while filling out the Membership Form and creating a profile page on the Site is the correct information belonging to him/her. The User declares that he/she can log in to his/her profile page with the information (e-mail and password) he/she created during registration and if he/she has saved this information incorrectly or incorrectly during registration, DIET PROF cannot be held responsible for not being able to log in to the profile page, reset the password and receive the diet list e-mail. In such case, the User accepts and declares that he/she can obtain the necessary information to access the profile page by notifying DIET PROF of the time of payment and the receipt of payment.

2.9. The User accepts that while receiving services and sharing content from the Site, he / she will act in accordance with the personal rights of other users, dieticians, site representatives and third parties, and undertakes all responsibility for violation of personal rights.

2.10. The User accepts and declares that the meal replacement feature is provided for the purpose of planning and tracking the user's meals, that the daily meal replacement limit is 7 in order to prevent abuse of this opportunity provided to users and to protect the healthy functioning of the system, and that DIET PROF reserves the right to change this limit at any time and without prior notice.

2.11. The User accepts and declares that he/she will not exceed the number specified as the daily meal replacement limit, that the limit is automatically renewed at 03:00AM and that DIET PROF reserves the right to change the automatic renewal time at any time and without prior notice.

2.12. The User declares that the dietitian support will only be provided through the form on the contact page or via e-mail and that he/she agrees to receive dietitian support using these communication channels.

2.13. The User accepts and declares that he/she cannot request any diet program other than the diet program received from DIET PROF, that DIET PROF may offer specific diet programs (vegetarian diet program, gluten-free diet program, etc.) only at its discretion and that he/she accepts the diet list of DIET PROF and that the realization of any other diet list request other than this is at the discretion of DIET PROF.

2.14. The User accepts and declares that the monthly diet list pdf file sent to the e-mail address after the purchase must be downloaded within 24 hours from the e-mail, and that if the download is not performed within the specified period, the file will become unavailable for various reasons.

2.15. The User accepts and declares that the timeline service offered by DIET PROF is formed according to the time averages of users with similar height, weight and form values, including the ideal weight - timeline and target weight - timeline service times, and according to DIET PROF's copyrighted formula and that DIET PROF will not hold DIET PROF responsible if he/she does not reach the ideal or target weight during this period.

2.16. The User accepts and declares that his membership will be suspended or even canceled in cases where he violates the rights provided to him in this contract or violates the law of other persons. 

2.17. The User accepts and declares that he will be liable for the material and moral penalties and compensation that may occur due to his posts on the Site, that he will be responsible for disclosing the personal information of third parties, violating the copyrights of other persons and organizations and not complying with advertising prohibitions.

2.18. The User accepts and declares that DIET PROF cannot be held responsible for any violations of his/her personal rights by other users, dietitians and site representatives and in such cases, DIET PROF's responsibility is limited to removing the published content related to the violation from the site publication.

2.18. The User declares that he has completely read, understood and accepted the terms of this agreement.

2.20. Google Calendar: We would like to remind you of your meals via the Google Calendar application in order to remind you of the meal times you have chosen in the form information you filled out while creating your diet program and to maintain your motivation during the dieting process. This is completely up to you, and if you want, it will be enough to press the transfer of my meals with the google calendar button on the profile page. Your e-mail address registered on our website and your Google calendar e-mail address must be the same. Apart from that, you allow us to see your e-mail address, add your meal times and diet program to your calendar events so that we can remind you via Google Calendar.


If you're wondering how Google helps you securely share your user data:






dietprof.com is not a healthcare business. The site does not provide any health-related referrals and does not sell commercial products. 

Written, visual, graphic and other content on dietprof.com is for informational purposes only. This content is in no way a substitute for the professional consultancy service that deals with health and can only be provided by authorized professionals.

DIET PROF; It recommends that the user always consult the dietician or, depending on the case, his doctor on matters related to his diet and health. DIET PROF recommends never to act only with the general content information obtained from dietprof.com and to act in line with the dietician's recommendations.




4.1. All proprietary or unregistered intellectual property rights such as consultancy, guidance, information and method in DIET PROF belong to DIET PROF and its owner firm or the person concerned and are under the protection of national and international law. Visiting DIET PROF for a fee or free of charge or benefiting from the services in DIET PROF does not give the User any right about the intellectual property rights in question.

4.2. All information, including images, in DIET PROF cannot be reproduced, published, copied, presented and/or transferred in any way.




5.1. Personal information provided by Users through DIET PROF's website will not be disclosed to third parties. This personal information includes all kinds of other information to identify the User such as name-surname, address, telephone number, mobile phone, e-mail address and will be referred to as ("Confidential Information").

5.2. User, (promotion ,advertising, campaign, promotion, announcement, etc. for the purpose) accepts and declares that the company that owns DIET PROF allows the user to share their communication, portfolio status and demographic information with the group companies with which they are affiliated or contracted. This personal information can be used to determine the customer profile within the company, to provide promotions and campaigns appropriate to the customer profile, and to conduct statistical studies.

5.3. Confidential Information may only be disclosed to the public authorities in cases where such information is requested by the official authorities and in cases where it is necessary to make a statement to the official authorities in accordance with the provisions of the mandatory legislation in force.




The article of this Agreement will be valid to the maximum extent that the law can be applied. The services offered by DIET PROF are basically presented and there are no legal, health claims or any other guarantees regarding the services or application, including the guarantees of marketability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.




You can only use DIET PROF for legal purposes. You are responsible for all the content you post on our site. Media content you upload to photos, comments, questions and questions must always be in compliance with the law and respect the intellectual property rights of others. Therefore, she/he must ensure that she only adds content owned by the User or not copyrighted. For example, if the license to use a content added by the User requires attribution, the User should not forget to refer. We may block the User account in case of repeated or major crimes. If you think someone's copyright has been infringed on our platform, let us know. DIET PROF uses its own discretion while applying these conditions. 

When these terms are violated in any way,

when you do not pay the due charges,

At the request of the police or government departments,

when there are unexpected technical problems,

If we suspect that you are involved in fraudulent or illegal activities

We may terminate or suspend your permission to use our platform and services or block your account at any time, with or without notice.

After such termination, we may delete your account, content and prevent you from using our services. You agree that we have no liability to you or any other third party in the event that your account is terminated, your content is removed, or your access to our platforms and services is blocked.

By using DIET PROF, you may be exposed to content that you may think is offensive, inappropriate or objectionable. The contents added to DIET PROF are filtered, but to the extent permitted by applicable laws, DIET PROF has no responsibility to keep you away from such content. Therefore, users 18 years of age and younger should use DIET PROF under parental supervision.

Only one user can own an account. When DIET PROF discovers that an account is used by more than one user, it reserves the right to freeze the account. If you think an incorrect transaction has been made: Contact us at [email protected].




8.1. DIET PROF Diet list was established to remind the user about exercise-physical activity and motivation suggestions and meal times. Before purchasing this service, which is planned by DIET PROF, it is recommended to consult a doctor or dietician in a health institution.

8.2. DIET PROF asks you to fill in the chronic disease status and anamnesis form depending on the user's preference. Thus, it takes these situations into consideration in the Nutrition Program that it will create.However, in your chronic disease condition that is or is not included in the website, please consult your doctor before getting service from DIET PROF. DIET PROF does not accept any responsibility for problems arising from any chronic illness due to the service it provides, all responsibility belongs to the User.  DIET PROF is not a medical establishment and does not provide any medical advice or assistance. Nothing in the services provided by DIET PROF should be taken or understood as medical advice or assistance, nor should it be construed for any medical advice or assistance, or used for medical assistance or directed to the practice of medical advice. The user is solely responsible for allowing DIET PROF to evaluate her/his health for healthcare and guidance needs.


exercise-physical activity,

any medical advice regarding the diet plan,

health insurance or other health services,

any consultation,

testing, evaluation,

including pre-definition or treatment,

no medical advice offers health insurance or other health services.

DIET PROF does not provide the prevention, regression, diagnosis or treatment (collectively, "health services") of any injury, disease, disease or condition.

8.4. The service provided by DIET PROF may not be suitable for everyone and is not an assistant for professional healthcare services. The service provided is only used as a tool that can be useful in achieving your overall health and wellness goals. You acknowledge that your diet includes risks that may involve discomfort, bodily injury, or death, and that you will bear these risks. Before accessing or using our service, all Users are deemed to have agreed to remove DIET PROF from any and all actions that are known or unknown arising from their use of the service and not to show them responsible. 

8.5. Using the service provided by DIET PROF cannot or cannot create a professional health relationship such as doctor-patient, dietician-patient and dietician-consultant. By using the service provided by DIET PROF, the user is deemed to have accepted that he / she has not received any medical service. 

8.6. DIET PROF does not make any commitment regarding weight gain, weight loss, muscle building and success with the service it offers. Each individual's health, physical activity and nutritional success, metabolism, genetics, etc. depend on their desire and motivation. As with any health-related program or service, your results may vary according to your individual capacity, life experience, current health status and genetic profile, starting weight, level of knowledge. The use of the service offered by DIET PROF depends on the user's own demands and the user agrees that DIET PROF shall not be responsible for the success or failure of weight loss-gain, muscle building directly or indirectly related to the purchase and use of the service offered by DIET PROF.




If one of the terms of this Agreement becomes partially or completely invalid, the remainder of the Agreement will continue to be valid.




10.1. DIET PROF may change the services offered on the website and the terms of this Agreement at any time, in whole or in part. Changes will be effective from the date they are posted on the website. It is the user's responsibility to follow the changes. By continuing to benefit from the services offered, the user is deemed to have accepted these changes.

10.2. DIET PROF may transfer this agreement in whole or in part at any time without notice. However, the User and the Member cannot transfer this agreement or any part of it to another party. Such a transfer attempt is invalid.




All notifications to be sent to the Parties related to this Agreement will be made through the known e-mail address of DIET PROF and the e-mail address specified in the User's membership form. The user agrees that the address he specified while becoming a member is the valid notification address, that he will notify the other party in writing within 5 (five) days if it changes, otherwise the notifications to be made to this address will be deemed valid.




In all disputes that may arise between the Parties for transactions related to this Agreement, the Parties' books, records and documents, e-mail, messaging or user movements (log records), SMS, phone number, computer records and fax records will be accepted as evidence and the User agrees not to object to these records.




DIET PROF is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may arise due to breach of contract, tort, or other reasons due to access to the SITE, use of all information (including User information) and other data of the SITE. DIET PROF, as a result of breach of contract, tort, negligence or other reasons; It does not accept any responsibility for interruption of the transaction, error, negligence or interruption. By accessing or using this Site or other linked websites , DIET PROF is deemed to be separate from any liability that may arise as a result of use/visit, any damages and claims, including court and other costs.




In all cases considered legally force majeure, DIET PROF is not liable for late or non-performance of these "WEBSITE TERMS OF USE". These and similar situations will not be deemed as delay or non-performance or default in terms of DIET PROF, or DIET PROF will not be liable for any compensation for these situations.




London County Court are authorized to resolve any dispute arising from the implementation or interpretation of this Agreement.




The English version of legal agreements and policies is considered as the only current and valid version of this document. Any translated version is provided for your convenience only, to facilitate reading and understanding of the English version. Any translated versions are not legally binding and cannot replace the English versions. In the event of disagreement or conflict, the English language legal agreements and policies shall prevail.




If you want to send any notice under these Terms or have any questions regarding the Service, you may contact us at: [email protected]






We may change this policy from time to time, when we do we will inform you by updating the “Last updated” date below.


Last updated: 14 May 2023


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